We live in a world where music has been sadly “dumbed down”, by songs with no substance……

it’s refreshing to know that there still are musicians out here that respect the craft and have real talent and vocal skills....LOVE is here! Enter La Sonya Gunter.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, into a family of singers and musicians, La Sonya Gunter naturally developed the love for music.  


La Sonya Gunter burst onto the music scene in 2001 with her debut album, “BlakGerl”, one of the most poignant, socially significant albums of the nu-soul era.  With the release of the album, the Detroit native harkened the days of the social consciousness of artist from the 1960’s and 70’s such as Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Sly Stone, and Marvin Gaye.  Going for a new musical approach and sound in 2008,  La Sonya followed up with a sophomore CD entitled "CrazyBeautiful", an eclectic mix of rock, blues , funk, opera and soul or in her words" Where Indie soul Meets Rock",



La Sonya is back in the music spotlight with a new album, “Love & Music”.  The first single from the CD, “Talk To Me”, is fast gaining momentum and is featured on various music video websites. "Talk To Me" has gained over 25, 000 so far hits since its music video release in May 2012 .

 La Sonya is not new to the music industry but her musical abilities belies her years, La Sonya Gunter’s newest album “Love & Music” does not pander to what is hip and now, but what is timeless and classic........MUSIC!  “Love & Music” is a hybrid of soul and raw emotion that pours out of every inch of her soul.  She crafts every note effortlessly, making melody and harmony simply want to marry one another.  

A true artist, that is committed to delivering her message of “Love and Music”

One-of-a-Kind.  A long-time resident of Harlem, Gunter’s  3rd CD "Love and Music" reflects the richness, depth, and variety of the cultures and backgrounds that surround her.  Inspired by artists such as Sarah Vaughn, Barry White, Lola Felana, Esperanza Spalding, Joni Mitchell, Donny Hathaway Mister Mister, Nirvana,  The Rolling Stones, and U2, amongst others, Gunter’s music represents a musical melting pot that rhythmically captivates her essence.  The end result of this multifaceted arrangement of sound  is so unique that critics can only describe it as “Purely La Sonya.”   

"Love & Music" promises to be a more personal collection capturing her message about everyday problems, Gunter is poised to branch further out internationally and propel herself onto the silver screen. 

Gunter’s music has been featured on movie soundtracks such as "Take Out" - The Movie and music compilations, including “DJ Jazzy Jeff''s Soul Mix tape,” and songwriter/producer Astral22’s debut compilation, “Imperial…Progressive Soul Vol. I.”  

 - Orlane Benau